Havfront revolutionses and automates the onshore whitefish industry

To go from manual gutting to automated gutting lines will radically change the the onshore whitefish industry, both nationally and internationally. Havfront wants to play its part in this sea change and is therefore working on a new gutting and dehading machine, the Folla.

Cooperation and customer focus is the recipe behind the Folla. Working with the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF) and Brødrene Karlsen in Senja, Norway, Havfront has made it possible to build a machine that will revolutionise the manual process currently used by all fish processing plants. – Feedback from the industry suggested that they were in need of a new onshore gutting and dehading machine capable of cutting more accuratley and gently while at the same time keepting the raw materials intact, says Frank Jakobsen from the FHF. This is what Havfront is now working on.

The Folla will be very user friendly in terms of fish species, strain injuries and protecting the liver and roe. Factories will be able to cut 1-2 jobs per machine, and the cost-benefit analyses show potential savings of NOK 400,000 – 650,000 for each machine that is installed.

According to the project plan, the machine will be ready for commerical operation in summer 2020.

Ahead in innovation
Havfront wants to promote innovation and development in Norway’s most important industry. The project is carried out through cooperation with customers to solve a specific task. The idea of the Folla made during a dinner with our partners in Brødrene Karlsen. They challenged us, and after some pondering we in Havfront had created a concept and principal sketches. Through dialogue with Brødrene Karlsen we agreed to go for it, and entered into a company agreement during the fall of 2017.

Solves a common problem in the industry
Rita Karlsen in Brødrene Karlsen believes that it should be possible to gut as much as 10,000 tons per year through these kinds of machines. – We are in a time with huge technological leaps. The white fish industry has fallen behind. When we had the change to participate in this project, we found it extremely interesting, states Karlsen, and adds: – Cooperation with a business like Havfront that is so focused on development is very exciting. When this machine has been developed, we see a large potential to save economically and developement qualitywise.

Huge savings, many advantages
Oddbjørn Gudmundsen, project manager in Havfront, states that the Folla will be very used friendly when it comes to species, strain and gentleness to liver and roe. – Processing plants will be able to cut 1-2 persons per machine, the cost-benefit analysis show potential savings of NOK 400,000 – 650,000 per installed machine. The Folla will primarilly be an electric machine, where hygiene, quality and dependability are highly prioritized. We are planning to let the machines be controlled via a network, so we can correct for example software or do electronic troubleshooting if any problems should arise. This means quick assistance and low maintenance costs for the end user, states Gudmundsen.

Ready project plan

The project plan show that the machine should be ready for ordinary operation summer 2020. The first milestone is startup of a test machine at Husøy in late 2018. Then we will test if the concept and principals Havfront has created can be the future gutting machine for the whitefish industry. – The purpose of the test machine is to find the best solutions to the main challenges we’ve seen. This often demands some re-engineering and mechanical adjustments. On a test machine, the focus is not on desin and features, but to set the machine main functionality so we can reach the quality requirements. Milestone number 2 will be during the fall 2019 when the prototype will be started up for large scale operation at Brødrene Karlsen at Husøy. – From that point on we will work on getting the machine ready for commercial operation. At the prototype we do not want any surprises, but run through large amount of fish with top quality, states Gudmundsen.

Thorough analyzes

The road from an idea to a finished machine is a long one, but Havfronts method of developing machines makes the development process shorter than normal for a complex machine such as the Folla. The cost-benefit analysis has been carried out at five different businesses along the coast, and all processing plants has a real potential for savings by adopting the Folla in their gutting lines.  – We are looking forward to the development and testing of the macine. This is something the industry really needs, states Marius Strømmen in Havfront.

Tekniske data

Fiskeart Torsk, hyse, sei, lange og brosme
Fiskestørrelse 1 -12 kg
Forbehandling Strupekutt
Kapasitet 30 fisk per minutt
Energikilde Pneumatikk, elektrisitet, vann
Operatører 1 - 3
Størrelse Omtrent 3m x 1.5m x 1.8m
Vedlikehold 24-timers servicetelefon: +47 452 65 504
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